Be Careful What You Wish For

Session Zero Scheduled

Character Creation, Power Sets, and Campaigns

Session Zero has been scheduled for Sunday, 2/21, noon to later.

During this session, we’ll discuss character creation, power sets and their selection, and the campaign as a whole. If people have strong ideas for their pre-emerged characters already, we can discuss and narrate events in the days of lives of the characters. Otherwise, we can figure out together who the characters are.

As a super-powered campaign, super powers will be important to this campaign. Hundred point power packages will be prepared and made available for selection and emergence by the characters. However, just as Marvel mutants didn’t get to choose their own powers, the pre-emerged characters themselves in Be Careful won’t get to choose the package to which they’ll emerge. During this session we’ll discuss the power packages, generally how they’ve been constructed, what information is able to the players about the packages, and how power selection will be handled by players. Once all of the characters have been created and narrated, whether during Session Zero or the first session, power selection will take place and the characters’ Emergences will occur.

Session Zero will also discuss the campaign itself. Be Careful What You Wish For is due to be set in modern-day Boston, largely as the world that we the players know. While the Supers genre allows for high-powered combat, not all of the mutants’ powers will support high-powered combat; how martial do the players want to see the campaign? The campaign will be based out of modern Boston, but there will be mechanisms by which the campaign can go beyond Boston, New England, modern technology, or even the world as know it; how stable or weird do you want to see the setting and campaign?



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