Pre-Supers Questions

Create your pre-emerged character with fifty to seventy-five points and no more than thirty points of disadvantages.
Your character’s emergence will grant a hundred points of Mutant powers.
You will get to promote your character to two hundred points, reflecting how your character has started to learn to live with their powers. You will also now be able to remove any character traits which were lost during or after emergence.

Who is your character, even before their power emerged?
What is a short phrase description of your character’s concept?
Is your character a white male from a middle class background?

How old was you character in the days before their power’s emergence?
Most characters will be in their junior high school or high school years.
Some will emerge early while only a few will emerge late.

Who are your character’s family?
Are your character’s parents present?
Siblings and pets?
Extended relatives?
If you didn’t take any of your character’s family as Patrons, Allies, or Dependents, why not?

How and where does your character live?
What is a typical day in the life for your character?
What does your character’s bedroom, home, and home town look like?
The campaign will set in Boston, but characters can come from anywhere in the country, continent, or world.

What are your character’s interests and hobbies?
What is your character good at?
Thirty points of skills is perfectly reasonable , maybe even a little generous, for a high school student. A character point in a skills reflects some two hundred hours of practice, and four points in a skill shows that your character has a focus on that skill.
If you didn’t take skills in your character’s interests and hobbies, why not?
What mundane skills does your character have?
Area knowledge, bicycling, boating, brawling, carousing, computer operations, cooking, current affairs, driving, first aid, fishing, games, hiking, housekeeping, swimming, typing?
Does your character have any combat skills?
How has your character learned and practiced those skills?
What languages does your character know?
One language should be Native. English?

Who are your character’s friends?
How, where, and when does your character and their friends interact?
If you didn’t take these friends as Allies or Contacts, why not?

Who are your character’s rivals, bullies, and antagonists?
How does your character and those antagonists interact?
If you didn’t take these people as Enemies, why not?

If something were to go right for your character, what would it be?
If something were to go wrong for your character, what would it be?

What are your character’s plans and dreams for the future?
Is and how is your character acting to realize those dreams?

How do all of your character’s statistics reflect the above questions?
Do they?

Narrate an event in the day of the life of your character.
This event can be good, bad, or neutral, and it goes as you narrate it.
This event exemplifies your character and concept.
This event will be repeated, twisted as your character’s power emerges.


Playing a sports game
Winning? Losing?

On stage
Debating? Acting?

Exercising alone
Running? Stretching? Weight lifting?

Creating art? Introspection?


Being beaten up by bullies
Beating people up?

Pick pocketing? Mugging? Breaking and entering?

Doing chores
Cooking? Cleaning? Yard work?

Working a job

Bicycling? Using mass transit?


Altering your state of mind?
Taking drugs? Drinking? Alone?

Hanging out with friends?

Pre-Supers Questions

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