Sample Power Packages

Here below are three sample power sets which are all ear-marked for NPC use. The short descriptions are what will be known to you players as you select your characters’ power sets, while the GURPS mechanics behind them won’t be revealed until after the character’s emergent prelude. These three sets are tagged for NPCs because, while I like them, I don’t feel that they’re proper for PCs; the InvisibilityOnOthers power doesn’t let a PC do things independently, the Firestorm doesn’t let the PC choose to do things, and Oracular powers just don’t work for players.

Invisibility on Other
Minimally martial
Minimally dangerous to self and/or society

Very martial
Very dangerous to self and/or society

Not dangerous to self and/or society

Invisibility on Others (99 points):
Affects Others, 50%
Ranged, 40%
Multiple simultaneous uses, 10%
Mutant, -10%
No signature, 10%
Carry no encumbrance, 10%
Can’t affect self, -10%
Extended duration x3, 20%
Costs 2 fatigue, -10%
See Invisible
Mutant, -10%
No signature, -10%

Firestorm (100 points)
Innate Attack: Burning 5
Area Effect, 16 yards, 200%
Mutant -10%
No signature, 10%
Uncontrollable, -30%
Unconscious, -20%
Bombardment 8, -20%
Persistant, 40%
Overhead, 30%
Increased Range x100, 60%
Increased Duration x10, 40%

Oracle (100 points):
Mutant, -10%
No signature, 10%
Directed, 100%
Detect (Mutant, 10 points)
Mutant, -10%
No signature, 10%
Mutant, -10%
No signature, 10%
Perception +5
Mutant, -10%
No signature, 10%

Sample Power Packages

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