Haley Whitney-Ng

Bi-racial cross between a wanna be Hogwarts and St. Trinians school girl.


English, bi-racial white/Chinese female, 16 years old. 160cm & 53 kg (that’s 5’4" and 116 pounds for you Yanks, but it sounds nicer as 8.4 Stone). Clear bronze skin, straight black hair, currently shoulder length, bangs. Blue eyes, glasses for reading. Usually wearing her school uniform (St Trinians All Girls School) but if she is off hours she might enjoy wearing casual clothes.


Haley was born into a well to do family in Yorkshire, England. Middle child with an older brother and younger sister, Haley had a good childhood. Her parents, both dentists, made enough money to keep house in a good neighborhood and have enough time to spend on raising their children well. Haley brushes her teeth at night, does her homework, isn’t prone to wasting her allowance or being particularly cruel.

Her passion for reading started at a very young age when she was introduced to the Harry Potter series at bedtime by her parents. Hermione Granger is her hero (not heroine, thank you very much), her house is Ravenclaw. Her wand is six inches, with a graphite core, her favorite pencil! When she turned ten she eagerly awaited her acceptance letter to Hogwarts and was bitterly disappointed to have to make do with St. Trinian’s All Girl School.

Haley’s studies at St T’s has managed over the years to cultivate her enthusiasm for knowing the facts tempered with some practical real world experience and field hockey (closest game muggles can get to Quidditch).

Currently Haley has a small group of close girl friends at school and a few friends still at home. Boys are beginning to be interesting but most around her are not Harry, not even Ron and she refuses to settle.

to be continued

Haley Whitney-Ng

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